Join us being AHEAD with CMOS.

New premium edition CMOSline

More than a decade ago we paved the way for flat-panel detectors in mobile imaging. As innovation leader, we remain committed to our mission of continually setting new technology benchmarks. Which is why we were also the first company to offer CMOS technology in a full-size mobile C-arm. Today, we pioneer the market again, and are proud to introduce the complete portfolio featuring latest CMOS imaging technology. This premium edition of all CMOS system is called CMOSline1,2.

Ziehm Solo FD

Versatile design meets latest flat-panel technology

  • Latest CMOS flat-panel technology
  • Versatile design
  • Advanced clinical workflows
  • Next-generation SmartDose3 concept
Ziehm Vision FD

The new imaging standard for surgery

  • Latest CMOS flat-panel technology
  • Enhanced cooling capabilities
  • Finely tuned workflows
  • Next-generation SmartDose3 concept

Our new leading-edge CMOSline is aimed at professionals who are not content with the ordinary and who strive for the optimal. These premium systems offer an enhanced CMOS imaging chain from generator to detector.

The new standard for premium intraoperative imaging offers higher spatial resolution, lower noise levels and improved soft tissue and bone contrast for an enhanced image quality. A new filtration technology4 for exceptional skin entrance dose reduction completes the premium feature-line up.


Ziehm Imaging is the pioneer in the CMOS segment with a completed portfolio by introducing CMOS imaging excellence to our powerful high-end devices.

Ziehm Vision RFD

The ultimate C-arm to outperform

  • Latest CMOS flat-panel technology
  • Advanced generator and cooling technolgy
  • Ziehm Usability Concept5
  • Next-generation SmartDose3 concept
Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition6

The comprehensice mobile hybrid solution

  • Powerful 25 kW mobile C-arm
  • Mobile hybrid solution
  • Zero room preparation
  • Next-generation SmartDose3 concept
Ziehm Vision RFD 3D

The revolution in 3D imaging

  • CT-like image quality
  • 2D, 3D and multidisciplinary use
  • Image-guided surgery and workflow wizards
  • Benchmark dose settings and hardware improvements

Dose saving Beam Filtration technology

The new dose reduction technique for an optimized X-ray spectrum supports our enhanced CMOS imaging chain. The combination enables an exceptional reduction in the skin entrance dose for all CMOSline systems in comparison to systems with conventional filtration technology.

In a nutshell, the premium line of Ziehm Imaging C-arms provides excellent image quality with a lower dose.


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