Supplier Management.


There are over one thousand individual parts needed to produce one mobile C-arm. We purchase the majority of these components from our external partners.

Our goal is to supply our production process with the necessary components of the highest quality at the right time by working in close cooperation with our suppliers. In doing so, we join efforts to ensure that Ziehm Imaging maintains its role as technological leader for the long-term.

Ziehm Imaging purchasing principles

Compliance with quality standards is an important factor. Open communication and trouble-shooting in record time are very important to us.

Our highly specialized market is characterized by a relatively low sales volume, a great variety of models and seasonal fluctuations. For us, flexibility, adaptability and rapid response speed are requirements for our collaboration.

Cost responsibility
We greatly value a competitive cost structure. The willingness to take part in a joint value analysis and collaboration with other suppliers is a high priority for us. In addition, we consider the proactive integration of alternative production processes and materials to be the basis for mutual success.

Supplier relationship

Our success in strategic purchasing is founded on a fostering of our long-term supplier relationships. We are looking for capable and forward-looking suppliers whose openness and fairness sets them apart and who thereby support our innovation process.

Scope of Requirements

The following goods are particularly significant for Ziehm Imaging:
  • Flat-panels
  • Optics
  • X-ray tubes
  • Image intensifiers
  • Monitors
  • Touchscreens
  • Electronic modules / printed circuit boards
  • Mechanical modules / elements
  • Cable / cable assembly
  • Winding materials

Become a Ziehm Imaging supplier

You may be a suitable supplier for us if you ...
  • operate with certified quality management
  • view long-term collaborations as added value
  • are not deterred by the growing requirements regarding documentation, information retention, approvals, etc.
  • are innovative and want to push the limits of mobile imaging


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