Ziehm Imaging is specialized in the development and manufacture of mobile C-arms

Since 1972, we have produced technologies that enhance imaging and streamline clinical workflows. Our devices’ exceptional image quality and flexibility in the operating room serve as an important basis for treatment success.

Dedicated to clinical innovation

Our mobile X-ray based imaging solutions are used in spine surgery, orthopedics, traumatology, vascular surgery, interventional radiology, cardiology, cardiac surgery and further clinical applications.

Our focus on intraoperative imaging and innovative X-ray technologies are implemented consistently by high investment in research. Every day, the employees of Ziehm Imaging dedicate their work and expertise to the research and development of new systems. The result is a diverse range of products, from the compact Ziehm Solo to intraoperative system solutions like mobile Cath Labs.

In close collaboration with universities, research institutes and hospitals, we are developing and enhancing innovative technologies which make our company a pioneer in intelligent interventional imaging.

More than 10 years flat-panel technology

Leader in technology & innovation

More than 14,000 C-arms installed in over 70 countries

Approx. 700 employees

Global network

Among our headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany, we have international offices in the USA, Italy, France, Finland, Austria, Spain, Japan, Brazil, China (Guangzhou, Shanghai) and Singapore, and are supported by a network of global distribution partners. Since 2017, Ziehm Imaging has full distribution rights for the OrthoScan Mini C-arms in Europe, Middle East and Africa.


Recognition of our Leading Role in the Market.