Ziehm Imaging GmbH

Thinking Forward, Leading Innovations, and Always Ahead Since 1972


We have been dedicated to clinical innovation since 1972. 
By setting new technological standards in X-ray-based
imaging solutions with our mobile C-arms, we are leading innovations
and changing lives all over the world.
And on top of that, our #ZiehmTeam is one of a kind.
This all leads to reaching another milestone in 2022:
celebrating 50 years of Ziehm Imaging. 


Our products help make the invisible visible. We took this benefit and turned it into our anniversary theme, as it perfectly unites everything we’d like to set a focus on this year. 

A ray of Ziehm

Confident, bold, recognizable. Our anniversary look combines eye-catching colors, dynamic shapes, and clear copy for an outstanding appearance. 

Reading from left to right, the vertical Ziehm Imaging lettering marks the yearlong steadiness of our company, followed by the gold-looking 50 for a festive feel. The top part of the zero symbolizes a C-arm and links to our theme of MAKING THE INVISIBLE VISIBLE, while the X-ray on the bottom energetically leads our way into the future.


It takes everyone.

For us, this is not just a saying. It’s a core belief we share at Ziehm Imaging.
No matter your age, your title, or position, you are important.
That’s why we made every employee visible on our name wall.