Cardiovascular Imaging

Cardiovascular Imaging

Due to an aging population, we are seeing a rising burden of cardiovascular diseases globally.

Therefore we have developed sophisticated intraoperative imaging solutions that bring more clarity into cardiovascular interventions.

Proving again that we are a company of firsts, we introduce the most powerful generator on the mobile C-arm market. Combined with sophisticated solutions for mobile CathLab environments as well as an innovative combination of intraoperative 3D vascular fusion imaging we are helping physicians worldwide to deal with the rising need for most demanding cardiovascular intraoperative imaging.

Discover our groundbreaking imaging solutions for cardiovascular clarity.

Cardiovascular Imaging


Unlike fixed installed systems, our Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition1 is the ideal solution for every OR situation. As a mobile device, it offers all required qualities to instantly convert conventional ORs into a hybrid room.

Teaming up with Therenva, we are investing in the future of mobile image fusion to achieve more accuracy while minimizing radiation dose and contrast media use for even more precise results.

Inexpensive operating and lower purchase costs lead to a faster return on investment.

Discover the groundbreaking alternative to fixed-installed hybrid rooms



Powerful 30 kW² mobile C-arm with latest CMOS imaging technology and workflow-efficient motorization


· Extend your cardiovascular surgical capabilities with a powerful 30 kW mobile C-arm

· Take your OR to the next level with a fully motorized system in all four axes

· Plug in and start your hybrid procedure with zero room preparation

· Reduce exposure significantly without compromising on image quality enabled by the Beam Filtration3 technology

Therenva EndoNaut® Fusion Imaging System


Real-time navigation with reliable 3D overlay,  user-friendly case planning and fusion imaging.


· Decide and perform quicker with AI-powered fusion imaging technology at your fingertips

· Make your surgery safer with reliable 3D CT-based overlay to reduce contrast dose

· Rely on 3D roadmaps more than ever by using the exclusive simulation of vessel deformation

· Connect the Fusion Imaging System to the PACS for a seamless data workflow from planning to navigation

STILLE imagiQ2™  Surgical Imaging Table


Low-dose surgical imaging table with free-floating capabilities and highly radiolucent carbon fiber table-top.


· Increase efficiency and reduce procedure time with True Free Float™ technology that gives unprecedented control and freedom of movement in any desired direction or speed

· Enhance image quality with the 60 % more radiolucent4 carbon fiber table top (0.4 Al)

· Maximize C-arm access and reduce radiation exposure with an ultra-slim design and unique retractable5 wheels allowing the image receiver to come closer to the patient

Cardiovascular Imaging

More clarity in cardiology

With the introduction of our new 30 kW2 generator, we offer the most powerful device on the mobile C-arm market. Further reduced motion artefacts and sharper details enable more clarity in cardiovascular imaging.

Our Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition1 Cardio is equipped with sophisticated cardio packages for Coronary interventions and Electrophysiology.

Connectivity options for heamodynamic workstations or CathLab monitors complete the mobile CathLab for the most demanding procedures in every cardiology department.

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1Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition represents a group of optional hardware and software that creates an option package on the device named Ziehm Vision RFD.

230 kW generator is available in combination with dedicated cardio packages.

360 % more radiolucent than the average table on the market.

4For floating tables.