Orthoscan Mobile DI

Orthoscan Mobile DI

Portable Digital Diagnostic Imaging & Fluoroscopy

Orthoscan Mobile DI

Mobile DI is the ideal mini C-arm for your clinical and off-site or remote access extremity imaging needs. This portable X-ray and fluoroscopic device offers a range of connectivity options for your electronic management records and produces excellent digital image quality.

Portable and Lightweight

  • Ease of movement between exam rooms, satellite clinics, emergency departments, or off-site venues
  • Weighing approximately 12,9 kg, Mobile DI introduces versatility to orthopaedic imaging
  • At 30,5 cm by 48,5 cm, Mobile DI possesses the smallest footprint on the market for mini C-arms

Advanced Touchscreen Interface

  • Seamless operation of system controls while still allowing for keyboard functions
  • Experience similar to a smartphone or tablet
  • Enhance interaction while viewing detailed anatomy
  • 24" high resolution diagnostic widescreen monitor for a 20 % larger viewing area

Imaging Flexibility

  • Easy access to weight-bearing knee and foot views
  • Mobile DI can be placed on a table top, or mounted on the accessory cart enabling Mobile DI to move easily between rooms
  • The accessory cart also provides orbital C-arm rotation needed for knee views

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Orthoscan Mobile DI

Product Brochure

Orthoscan TAU family brochure (EN)

Reading duration: 13 min.

Technical specifications

Imaging technology

Flat-panel, 15 cm x 12 cm


1.4 k x 1.1 k

Viewing Option

High-resolution 24" touchscreen monitor


30.5 cm x 48.3 cm


15.9 kg

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Orthoscan Mobile DI

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Orthoscan Mobile DI

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