Ziehm Imaging GmbH

ECR 2017: 10 years of flat-panel technology in mobile C-arms

Vienna, Austria / Nuremberg, Germany – March 1, 2017 - At this year’s ECR, Ziehm Imaging presents the latest generation of its long seller product, Ziehm Vision FD. The innovation leader celebrates “10 years of flat-panel technology” in its mobile C-arms this year, and announces the further expansion of its CMOS portfolio.

The next generation of the bestselling Ziehm Vision FD

10 years ago, Ziehm Imaging introduced the first fully digital mobile C-arm with flat-panel technology: The introduction of the Ziehm Vision FD marked a new era of image quality in mobile C-arms. „Our first mobile C-arm with flat-panel turned into a global success story“, says Martin Törnvik, Vice President Global Sales and Marketing at Ziehm Imaging. He had been in charge of the market launch of the Ziehm Vision FD in his role as product manager back then. The first Ziehm Vision FD was delivered to the university clinic Leiden in the Netherlands. „Back in 2006, it was a brave decision to go for the new flat-panel technology which nobody in the field of mobile C-arms had. We trusted the engineers of Ziehm Imaging and our local partner to deliver innovation and they did. We are proud to be the first partner hospital in the world to have bought the Ziehm Vision FD“, states Paul Booijen, Facility Manager Radiology, Leiden University Medical Center. The cost-efficiency, flexibility and the broad range of clinical applications did not only convince the university clinic Leiden: More than 750 systems are installed in clinics worldwide today.

Expansion of the CMOS portfolio

At ECR congress, the Ziehm Vision FD will be showcased with a new CMOS flat-panel detector which allows for display of smaller pixels in the same quality. This enables higher image resolution at the same dose, closing the gap between the image quality of conventional flat-panel detectors and the cost-efficiency of image intensifiers.

At RSNA in Chicago, Ziehm Imaging had already presented two further mobile C-arms with CMOS technology: Due to its versatile design, the Ziehm Solo FD ensures maximum flexibility even in small operating theaters. The C-arm is ideally suited for orthopedic, trauma and pain management procedures. The Ziehm Vision RFD, featuring a powerful generator and a reliable cooling system, is the solution of choice for vascular and hybrid interventions.

High-end solutions for demanding interventions

Ziehm Imaging will also present two of its flagship products at ECR: the Ziehm Vision RFD 3D and the Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition. Ziehm Vision RFD 3D, the first 3D C-arm that provides a 16 cm edge length per scan volume, allows for optimized intraoperative control in orthopedic, trauma and spinal surgery interventions. The Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition is the first fully motorized mobile C-arm for the hybrid OR. The system is a space and cost saving alternative to fix installed systems for highly demanding cardiovascular procedures.

In addition to the mobile C-arms of Ziehm Imaging, the mini C-arms of sister company OrthoScan will be on display at the joint booth, completing the broad portfolio of intraoperative imaging solutions. The mini C-arms are mainly used in orthopedic surgical procedures such as hand and foot surgery.