Managing Directors

Managing Directors

Klaus Hörndler


Klaus Hörndler joined Ziehm Imaging GmbH in 1994 and since then, has been involved in the development of image processing units for Ziehm Imaging C-arms. For the first nine years Mr. Hörndler has designed, specified, developed, implemented and tested the whole video chain including all image processing functionality for Ziehm Imaging. In 2002 Mr. Hörndler became responsible for electrical engineering and in 2004 for the whole R&D department in Nuremberg. As head of R&D he was the main driving force for new innovative products like Ziehm Vision Vario 3D, Ziehm Vision FD, Ziehm Vision R and Ziehm Vision RFD. In 2006 Mr. Hörndler became Vice President Global R&D and is since then coordinating all R&D Programs worldwide.

In September 2007 he became Managing Director at Ziehm Imaging GmbH and also Board Member at many subsidiaries of Ziehm Imaging worldwide. He is responsible for all strategic and technical decisions within Ziehm Imaging including Global Product Roadmap, Product Management, Market Development and Budget.

Managing Directors

Stephan Dippold


Stephan Dippold has joined Ziehm Imaging in the position as managing director in October 2010. He brings along solid market and company knowledge. Before taking over the new position, he worked in the equity controlling department at ATON GmbH, the holding for Ziehm Imaging.

Stephan Dippold has extensive business and leadership experience in both national and international markets. Before joining ATON GmbH in 2007, he was commercial director and member of the executive board at Schmidt-Seeger AG. Until 1999, he was head of finance and controlling department at Koenig & Bauer AG. Dippold started his career at Ernst & Young in 1989.

Stephan Dippold holds a degree in business administration.

Managing Directors

Nelson RCP Mendes

President & CEO Ziehm Imaging Inc.

Nelson Mendes has joined Ziehm Imaging Inc. as the leader for the Americas operation, which includes the United States, Canada, Central and South Americas and the Caribbean, in December 2008. Mr. Mendes brings solid experience in business leadership, marketing, sales & distribution and customer service, especially in the global capital equipment healthcare market.

Before joining Ziehm Imaging, Nelson Mendes held several leadership positions within GE Healthcare, where he worked in different areas of their global business since 1988, including Diagnostic Imaging and Surgical applications covering global geographies such as the United States, Latin America, Brazil, Europe, China and Asia. In particular, from 2000 to 2005, Nelson Mendes served as Vice President for Marketing and Global Operations for GE-OEC, where he conducted the company’s expansion towards global markets as well as product development and introduction and business development activities.

Nelson Mendes holds a degree in Engineering.