Investment Pays Off

Investment Pays Off

Ziehm Imaging enables us to work more thoroughly and efficiently in the operating room. This investment in our technical accuracy, quality of care, and patient safety has more than paid off.

Milton L. Routt, M.D., University of Texas Health Science Center

The Orthopedic Trauma Division at the University of Texas Health Science Center provides treatment for the full spectrum of orthopedic trauma.

Investment Pays Back

Across the globe, all healthcare stakeholders, including governments, healthcare providers, insurers and consumers, are facing the same competing priorities: meeting the increasing demand for healthcare services and reducing the rising cost of those services. While the pressure to raise quality standards in healthcare and demonstrate value is intensifying, the need to care for patients at manageable costs is growing in parallel. Healthcare providers have to master an increasing amount of patients as well as more and more complex cases while still working efficiently. Advances in health technologies and treatment options, followed by methods of increasing efficiency, are recognized as the most important solutions to help answer the challenges of growing healthcare expenditures.

To satisfy the requirements and demands of healthcare stakeholders, Ziehm Imaging continually works on providing the best assistance possible.

Lower your overall costs

The innovative Ziehm Vision RFD 3D is an applicable instrument in the matter of profitability and cost management. For instance, it provides the opportunity to identify and correct suboptimal positioning of implants during the same session. Thisnot only improves the outcome for patient and surgeon, it also reduces overall costs while simultaneously leveraging efficiency. Thanks to the intraoperative use of the system, there is no need for another surgery and postoperative costs can be saved. In doing so, it answers the trend of rising cost pressure and staying competitive with a top-of-the-line mobile C-arm.