Office-Based Labs (OBLs)

Office-Based Labs (OBLs)


For more than a decade there has been a clear trend toward outpatient treatment facilities in the United States. New methods for anesthetizing patients and the increase in minimally invasive interventions create support for operations in which the patient can go home within just a few hours or days. [Carr 2015]

Office-Based Labs (OBLs)


Alternatives to traditional patient care are evolving in response to the world’s aging population.

Gone are the days of diagnosis and treatment in a cold, sterile hospital setting. Across the United States, alternatives to hospital practices are seeing substantial growth. 

Office-based labs (OBLs) are one such option.

Also known as office interventional suites, OBLs are being opened by vascular surgeons, interventional radiologists and other physicians who have an interest in a delivery-care model that is patient centered in an office-based setting.