Ziehm Tailored Solutions

Ziehm Tailored Solutions

Ziehm Service Packages

We recommend regular servicing of your C-arm to ensure you benefit from the full range of functions every time you use it. Our local distributors have trained technicians to ensure optimal care, and secure the maximal functionality of your system.

Five good reasons

  1. Dependability
    Regular maintenance reduces the risk of downtime of the C-arm and guarantees that your OP planning runs smoothly.
  2. Legal assurance in critical cases
    You are on the safe side in legal terms with the safety inspection of your system by Ziehm Imaging.
  3. Reducing operating costs
    Early detection of wear and tear protects you from avoidable downtimes and unexpected repair costs.
  4. Highest image quality
    Our software updates always guarantee the best image quality.
  5. Minimized administration
    We take care of planning, implementation and documentation of testing and servicing.


Further information available at

Ziehm Americas Service
6280 Hazeltine National Dr
Orlando, FL 32822

Phone 866.996.0472

Nationwide Service Hours
Monday - Friday: 7am to 7pm (Eastern Time Zone)

Technical Phone Support
24/7/365 Days