Innovation and Technology Leader

Innovation and Technology Leader

Since 1972

Every day, around 12% of all Ziehm Imaging employees dedicate their work and expertise to the research and development of new systems, clinical applications and further solutions. For more than 4 decades, we have been driving innovations for mobile X-ray imaging systems.

Our mission: delivering an excellent tool that meets your needs in daily clinical routine.


Ziehm Imaging founded and automatic X-ray film exposure developed


First C-arm with high frequency monoblock generator


First DSA on a mobile C-arm


First mobile C-arm as a compact unit


Introduction of the touchscreen user interface


3D Imaging with a mobile C-arm


First mobile C-arm with flat-panel detector worldwide


First dismountable C-arm: Ziehm Solo Option Portable


First mobile C-arm offering motorization of all 4 axes


First FD 3D system (30/30) with 180° image information


First product range with CMOS detector (CMOSline)


Articulating Monitor Arm available for all Ziehm Vision C-arms


First C-arm with a 30kW generator


Offering flat-panel only product line with latest technologies

Ziehm Imaging as a technology leader

Our continual innovation and the use of industry leading technologies demonstrates the leadership of our C-arms. Among the many, many components and parts that come together in this system, here are the top 5 technologies that make our C-arms unique.

Ziehm Imaging's flat-panel detectors deliver the best image quality while minimizing the dose. They identify more anatomical structures than conventional C-arms, increasing surgical safety and efficiency.

The unique liquid cooling system significantly boosts performance. Advanced Active Cooling (AAC) maintains an operating temperature at all times, preventing the generator from overheating.

Our comprehensive dose concept helps to display even the smallest details of challenging anatomical areas and reduces dose with intelligent pulse regulation.

With up to 25 kW of power and short, sharp pulses that help produce crystal clear X-ray images, our unique monoblock generators offer the highest image quality even in demanding regions and applications.

Our 3D C-arms provide game changing features such as ZIR and SmartScan, which revolutionize intraoperative 3D imaging. ZIR enables CT-like reconstructions with a mobile C-arm and SmartScan offers 180° image information of any anatomical structure.

1 In clinical practice, the use of SmartDose may reduce patient dose depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location, and clinical practice. A consultation with a radiologist and a physicist should be made to determine the appropriate dose to obtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task.