Customer Service.


As clinics operate 24/7, one of the major concerns of clinical users is the access to service support at any time. 24hr service availability, trained technical support and fast delivery of required parts ensure minimum disruption of busy OR schedules. To ideally cater your needs, Ziehm Imaging has launched a dedicated service program in the American market: Z-Care.

Z-Care Service Hotline: 1-866-949-4346


For service related inquiries, please contact us at Customer-service-usa(at)

Z-Care - 24hr toll-free service and technical support

Every Ziehm Imaging C-arm is delivered with a Z-Care label that provides a direct number to the national service center. The service team offers technical support over the phone, sends a service engineer to the client’s site or ensures that requested parts are shipped on the same day from the national parts distribution center based in Orlando, Florida.

Z-Care - Direct service team members providing service support 24/7

To ensure quick and easy access to technical support or the clinical application team whenever required, Ziehm Imaging has installed a 24hr toll-free service and technical support hotline. The highly qualified direct service team members serving the North and South Americas plus surrounding islands hold a bachelor degree in electronics and have run through specific training at the Ziehm Academy.

Z-Care - Highlights

  • 24hr toll-free service hotline
  • 98% of parts delivered within 24hr – new expedited air freight and personal courier service for parts to assist with extreme emergencies
  • Centralized high-level tech support handled out of Orlando, FL

Z-Care Comprehensive Service Programs
Ziehm Imaging offers comprehensive service programs from our direct service organization.  Our Z-Care programs cover the lifespan of the product – ranging from complete care, which includes parts and labor, glassware and image intensifier/flat-panel detector coverage, to preventative maintenance only programs.  We also offer service training for in-house engineers through our Ziehm Academy Care program.  Ziehm Imaging has a plan to fit each of our customers' needs.

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