Ziehm Solo FD.


Versatile design meets latest flat-panel technology

The size of hospital and surgery center ORs decreases and equipment quantity rises. Further the demand for imaging systems with smaller footprints is growing. With its all-in-one design, the Ziehm Solo FD is one of the most compact C-arms for even the smallest treatment scenarios on the market. Ziehm Solo FD is equipped with the latest flat-panel technology called CMOS - to perform a broad portfolio of applications like Orthopedics, Trauma and Pain Management. Versatile viewing options and new dimensions in user friendliness offer maximum flexibility in the OR to support your clinical workflow. With the latest improvements in SmartDose, the Ziehm Solo FD ensures best image quality at minimized dose.


  • Latest CMOS flat-panel technology to achieve significantly more details in the magnification modes with more than 4.0 linepairs / mm
  • Pulsed 2.4 kW monoblock generator for higher levels of performance
  • Versatile design with configurable viewing options to ensure a maximum of flexibility
  • 165 degrees of orbital movement to ensure easier patient coverage
  • Integrated wireless freedom to optimize process efficiency
  • Color coded scales and handles for unmistakable communication
  • Enhanced SmartDose functions to reduce dose for patients and staff alike

Image Quality

  • Higher spatial resolution due to smaller pixel sizes of CMOS FD technology
  • Lower noise levels and higher read-out speed at full resolution compared to conventional mobile C-arms
  • True resolution especially in the magnification modes makes interpolation unnecessary
  • Monoblock generator provides short, sharp pulses, producing crystal-clear images even if the patient is moving
  • Flat-panel technology enables distortion-free imaging, with more than 65,536 shades of gray

Features at a glance

  • Footprint: 0.8 m²
  • C-arm opening: 87 cm
  • 2 k x 2 k CMOS technology: standard
  • Touchscreen user interface: standard
  • Ziehm SmartEye with SmartControl: standard
  • SmartArchive: standard
  • Color coded scales and handles: standard
  • Anatomical Marking Tool (ATM): optional
  • Ziehm Viewing Station: optional
  • Monitors for existing ceiling support arms: optional
  • DICOM 3.0: optional
  • Interface to 2D navigation systems: optional
  • Printer / DVD: optional
  • Cineloop / DSA: optional
  • Wireless freedom integration (WLAN, Wireless video and Wireless Footswitch): optional