The new Ziehm Vision. With more than 1,500 devices in use, Ziehm Vision stands for cutting-edge X-ray imaging technology. The second generation of Ziehm Vision now features the latest innovations to optimize design and functionality. A range of finely tuned components, the latest technologies and intuitive operation make this C-arm an all-rounder for general surgery, orthopedics, traumatology and vascular procedures.

01 / Large field of view

31 cm image intensifier for more information

The new Ziehm Vision is equipped with a 23 cm (9") or alternatively 31 cm (12") image intensifier. With a field of view up to 594 cm², you obtain all relevant information in just one image. A highly dynamic CCD camera system with 1k x 1k resolution and more than 4,000 shades of gray displays even the smallest anatomical details.

02 / Interdisciplinary

Expanded range of applications

The new Ziehm Vision is an all-rounder that enables interdisciplinary usage: from vascular surgery to neurosurgery through to orthopedics and traumatology. Depending on the application, predefined organ programs provide an ideal display of the relevant structures. Special color monitors are available with the endo package for minimally invasive, endoscopic procedures. These monitors can also be used for standard applications.

Cooling system for demanding applications

Long and complex procedures, for example in vascular surgery, require uninterrupted, reliable employment of the C-arm. Ziehm Vision guarantees this with its powerful Advanced Active Cooling (AAC) system.

03 / Crystal clear

Automatic adjustment with ODDC

With ODDC (Object Detected Dose Control) as a standard component, Ziehm Vision automatically detects objects and adjusts the dose, filter and pulse frequency. In doing so, the C-arm consistently produces X-ray images with highly detailed anatomical structures – even when metal parts are in the scanned zone, objects are in motion or the region of interest is not centered.

04 / Minimal dose

Average reduction of 21 %

Thanks to its low dose, the new Ziehm Vision is ideally suited even for pediatric surgery. Equipped with ODDC (Object Detected Dose Control), there is an average dose reduction of 21 % at 25 pulses per second. The maximum reduction even reaches 60 %.* Special organ programs ensure a particularly gentle examination of children. In pediatric surgery, you can significantly lower the C-arm dose with just one click.

* Gosch D. et al. “Influence of Grid and Object Detection on
Radiation Exposure and Image Quality using Mobile C-Arms –
First Results”, RöFo, 09 / 2007.

05 / Monitor design

Increased brilliance, slimmer design

The new Ziehm Vision introduces a completely redesigned monitor. The radiation lamp is integrated in the monitor's slim design. The brighter screens ensure optimal display of images in the OR. Users thus benefit from brilliant image quality with convincing contrasts.

06 / Vertical lift +20

Flexible set-up

With an additional extension of 20 cm to the vertical lift, the new Ziehm Vision offers flexible set-up scenarios in the OR. The extension is of particular use during neurosurgery (beach chair position).

07 / Color coded handles

Fast and easy to use

The new Ziehm Vision comes with color coded braking levers. They ensure easy and unmistakable communication when the OR team is using the C-arm.

08 / Low space requirement

Greater flexibility at the OR table

The new Ziehm Vision sets itself apart from many other C-arms with its mobility and low space requirement of just 0.8 m². With three wheels instead of four, its footprint is substantially smaller, enabling the C-arm to be easily placed next to the OR table column.

09 / Remote Vision Center

Intuitive control from the OR table

Different applications and different approaches require flexible C-arm control options. The Vision Center provides you with complete control via touchscreens on both the C-arm and at the monitor cart. In addition, the new Ziehm Vision can now also be supplemented with the Remote Vision Center, which makes it fully operable from the sterile OR table area.

10 / WLAN

Easy to connect to the PACS

The new Ziehm Vision offers wireless transmission of X-ray images from the monitor cart to the PACS. Images can be stored and reviewed from any location. Encrypted WLAN technology is used to ensure that sensitive patient data is handled with the utmost responsibility.