Ziehm Compact.


Small size – full clinical performance

Ziehm Compact is an option of the C-arm Ziehm 8000 and is designed for use in the confined spaces of fully equipped operating or emergency rooms. It packs the superior imaging ability of Ziehm 8000 into a single unit. It features one of the lightest C-arms worldwide with a simple user interface. The single unit is very easy to maneuver with the combined steering and braking lever. Ziehm Compact is particularly suited to the areas of pain management, traumatology and lithotripsy. It provides high quality images on its 19” flatscreen display and has a wide range of additional options, including the Ziehm 8000 monitor cart.


  • Anatomical programs for all imaging scenarios
  • Crosshair overlay corresponding with laser positioning device, specially designed for examinations with lithotripters
  • Built in post-processing functions such as edge enhancement, step windowing and zooming
  • Optional monitor cart available with additional functions such as archiving or post-processing

Ease of Use

  • Single platform including high resolution 18“ screen mounted on the C-arm
  • Clear one-touch controls and a high level of automation to allow surgeons and OR staff to concentrate on the procedure
  • Individual start-up configuration